The 5th November….love it or hate it there is certainly no avoiding it. As a business it is always wise at this time of year to be even more on top of your fire safety than you normally are. Just a few simple measures and checks could help protect your business during the bonfire and firework season:

 – Arson

Arson is always a threat for businesses; it is the biggest cause of fire in the UK so should always be considered. However it doesn’t hurt to really think about how to prevent arson at this time of year when fireworks, matches and materials are far more easily accessible.

 – Secure your premises and windows and make sure any communal gates are locked

– Lock away any flammable materials to stop them being used in an arson attack and to help lessen the spread of fire

– Fit a metal container to letterboxes

– Keep your premises and outside area clear and store any rubbish away from the main building


– Fire Risk Assessment

Have you done a fire risk assessment? If you have, is it up to date? This is a legal requirement and if you have more than 5 employees this should be documented. Check your risk assessment, it is a great working document to make sure your fire safety is up to date and most importantly follow up on anything that has been highlighted.

If you haven’t done a fire risk assessment there are companies that can help you. Please contact us for more information of fire risk assessments.


– Check your Fire Protection

Test your fire alarm and emergency lights; even if you have had them serviced you should be checking your alarm every week. Set a reminder on your email and do it at the same time every week – and don’t forget to record it in your log book.

Check your fire extinguishers. Check they are in the correct position, they are not damaged or used and they have tamper seals attached and the correct signage. Make sure they have been serviced by a competent person/company – this should be done annually.


– Close the Doors

It sounds like a simple thing but closing all internal doors will slow the spread of fire. If you are the last to leave the building make this part of your locking up procedure. Make sure fire doors are not propped open.


– Be Vigilant

Ask staff to be vigilant and make sure they are aware of and trained in fire safety. Report any suspicious behaviour, ensure keys are kept safe and limit access to persons entering the building.

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