Have you got a boat? If so, is it fitted with a smoke detector and does it work? A number of campaigns have been set up in the past to get boat owners actively thinking about the possibility of a fire breaking out on board, what would you do and do you have the equipment on board to deal with it?

*In recent years four people have died in boat fires at night when they were asleep and a working smoke detector could have helped them to escape. Although a fire is unlikely on a boat that is well maintained and kept up to minimum safety standards, it is always best to be prepared, have a plan of action and ensure your boat is equipped with the necessary equipment.

The Boat Safety Scheme is a great resource for boat owners to ensure safety on-board. Visit www.boatsafetyscheme.com for more information.


*Source: http://staysafe.boatsafetyscheme.com/fire-safety-for-boats


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