Care workers in England will get extra information regarding fire safety during their introductory training. Care workers are often the ones to notice early signs that people could be at risk of fire for example observing low smoke alarm batteries or burn marks on the carpet/furniture. Fire chiefs are asking care workers to contact their local fire service if they notice any signs to help prevent fire.

The new guidance will give care workers potentially lifesaving information on how to spot the signs of a person who is most at risk of dying or being seriously injured as a result of fire.

Figures in a London Fire Brigade report, also published 11th September 2012, reveal that one person receiving care is dying from fire every month in London.

London Fire Brigade found over the last three years, 36 out of 119 accidental fire deaths involved people who accessed some form of care services. All but three of the deceased smoked, half had mental health issues and 14 were known to drink alcohol.

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Source: Info 4 Fire

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