A fire extinguisher exploded after it was left discarded in a Belfast Bin. Two council workers who were trying to put the extinguisher in a refuse bin were blown off their feet as the explosion happened.  

Residents in Holyland, Belfast originally thought it was a bomb that had exploded as the loud bang echoed around Holyland. Following the incident army bomb disposal units were called to the area to investigate the “low level” explosion and found nothing suspicious and put the blast down to the discarded extinguisher.

The two council workers were taken to hospital and treated for shock and ringing in their ears.

This case highlights the importance of safely and responsibly discarding of fire extinguishers. All businesses across the UK have a legal responsibility to ensure their extinguishers are disposed of correctly and safely transported by a licensed waste carrier. A fire extinguisher is condemned when it is damaged or has come to the end of its life and shouldn’t be used. An extinguisher should be serviced annually to ensure the extinguisher has no defects.

Uni-Guard Fire Protection can remove and dispose of fire extinguishers and where possible extinguisher parts are recycled. Please see our fire equipment disposal page for more information.


Source: www.fia.uk.com

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