As a firmly established fire alam company and specialist’s in the field of fire detection we mainly work with two fire alarm systems which are explained briefly below. However we understand that not every customer requires the same solution so we are passionate about finding a suitable outcome for everyone.

Conventional – Conventional detectors sense smoke or heat and sounds the alarm if it recognises the pre-set level of heat and/or smoke. If there is no smoke then the detector does nothing.  Conventional detectors can be connected to a control panel as each device is joined to a circuit or zone. In the event of a detector being activated the zone in which that detector is located will be indicated.

Analogue Addressable – For a more sophisticated system analogue addressable devices use a central control panel which communicates with each installed device. The devices are individually identified with a number (known as an address) on a loop of wiring; these devices report back an analogue value based upon how much smoke or heat is present, it is then the control panel not the detectors that decides to sound the alarm. The advantage of this system is it can accurately pin point the location of the detection as each device has its own unique address.

Other types of Alarm systems include:

  • Radio fire alarms
  • Domestic smoke alarms
  • Aspirating systems
  • Optical beam detectors

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