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Fire Alarms

Design and Installation

Uni-Guard Fire Protection can offer specific guidance with professional practical experience that can be applied to the installation of your fire alarm system.

There are many factors to consider when installing a fire alarm system including zoning, audible alarms or sounders, ceiling height, cabling and wiring amongst other aspects. Every site is individual and we will analyse your site and plans to identify exactly what you need and what is best for you.

All of our fire alarm systems are fitted in accordance to British Standards 5839 and we will provide you with detailed specifications and layouts of the system we propose to fit.

Why do fire alarms need servicing?

Just like you check your smoke detector at home, fire alarms and detectors in commercial premises must be tested and serviced by a competent person. This is so unidentified faults are noticed and rectified and you can feel confident that your building is meeting all appropriate legislation and requirements.

Servicing and Maintenance 

We test and service fire alarm systems in accordance with BS 5839-1 which recommends a minimum of 2 service visits a year. This is providing your fire alarms are being checked and tested weekly by the allocated responsible persons and staff; this should be recorded in the site log book. We would be happy to take the appropriate persons through the testing of the system during the service visit.

For more information or to get a quote for anything fire alarm related please contact us