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Fire safety training can help your staff feel more confident in the event of an emergency evacuation or fire. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure staff have adequate fire safety training which is essential in case staff are faced with a fire and require evacuation. Having the knowledge to deal with the situation empowers them to make the right decisions and act appropriately.

DVD and Demonstration Fire Safety Training

This training session is carried out at your premises and lasts about a couple of hours. A summary of the training details is as follows:-

  • Welcome and introduction to fire safety
  • Fire Safety Training DVD and discussion about the main DVD points including what to do in the event of an emergency, reviewing the various types of fire extinguishers and different classes of fire, the fire triangle and the spread of fire
  • Outside demonstration of how to correctly use fire extinguishers (weather permitting)
  • Question and answer session
  • A certificate is sent to you with all the attendees’ names

Basic Hands on Demonstration

This is a shorter training session ideal as a fire safety refresher that educates your staff of the different types of fires and what fire extinguishers to use. A demonstration of how to use fire extinguishers is also given. It lasts approximately half an hour and gives staff the opportunity to get hands on experience of using fire extinguishers.

Please note: These courses are designed for a maximum 15 people and require at least 2 weeks’ notice. If you have a specific training requirement please contact us.

For more information or to get a quote for a training course please contact us

View our FAQ’s for information on how often staff should be trained.